Black Sea Regional Database


Events in September, 2009

24-25 Sep 2009, PMA AG Meeting [confirmed], WP Ref:14. Operative Management, Istanbul, Turkey

Events in July, 2010

20-20 Jul 2010, Meeting with Odesa University officials for the PMA work [tentative], Odessa, Ukraine

Events in September, 2010

15-17 Sep 2010, PMA Meeting [confirmed], WP Ref:14. Operative Management , Istanbul, Turkey

Events in September, 2011

5-5 Sep 2011, PMA AG & Bathing water experts meeting [confirmed]

6-7 Sep 2011, BSC-HELCOM workshop on eutrophication and nutrient pollution in the Black Sea [confirmed]

Events in September, 2012

20-21 Sep 2012, 2nd Expert Workshop on Eutrophication Assessment in the Black Sea and exepriences from the Baltic Sea [confirmed], Istanbul, Turkey

Events in January, 2013

31-1 Jan 2013, Baltic2Black Workshop [confirmed], Istanbul, Turkey

Events in October, 2013

7-8 Oct 2013, 23rd Meeting of the PMA AG [confirmed], Istanbul, Turkey

9-10 Oct 2013, Expert Workshop on Eutrophication and Nutrient Pollution [confirmed], Istanbul, Turkey

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